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Data Recovery

Have you lost your data? No matter what you have tried, you simply cannot recover essential information? From photographs and videos to files and messages, whether an accidental deletion of information or corrupt system, we are here to help you.


Your Laptop Repair Experts

As PC and laptop repair specialists, we are aware of how sudden data loss can become a reality. It is certainly not practical to attempt a DIY fix by following online data recovery instructions. It can simply cause more harm than good. For business and personal laptops, computers, tablets and phones it is imperative that computer repairs and recovery of data are completed with incredible results. Learn more about our data recovery solutions right here.


What We can Do for You

A system crash or accidental push of the delete button can leave you feeling as though your important PC files have been lost forever. Fortunately, with a computer and laptop repair specialist, you can receive comprehensive solutions to restore the function of all computer and laptop systems

With restoration and laptop repair London, customers can learn of the professional and effective solutions available to improve the operation of mobile and PC devices. Data recovery requires an expert approach. This prevents additional software from unknown resources being used to recover your important information. FixGenie only incorporates trusted sources to initiate the data recovery process. Our highly skilled and experienced laptop repair services aim to address system problems with attention to detail.

For computer repairs and laptop data recovery, do not hesitate to call on your expert technicians in the industry. When you need computer repairs, our certified diagnostics and programs are developed to address the highest electronic requirements with ease and efficiency. Whether old PCs running at incredible rates or newer equipment with all-modern solutions, every piece of equipment requires professional repairs!

Whether it is your hard drive, flash or your mobile device, our laptop repair specialists can assist in all extraction services.


We can extract your data from these types of media:

  • Laptop/PC Hard Drives
  • Liquid Damaged Devices
  • Physically Damaged USB Flash Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD Hard Drives


Fast Service at Reasonable Prices

We can recover your data within a day with quality prices. For all types of computer repairs including data recovery, please call on your reputable and technical team. We can introduce a network plan to keep information safe and deliver optimum results for every client. Contact us for a transparent and affordable quote for data recovery.

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